If the mysterious disappearance of 28 700-pound water meters and an $80,000 backhoe didn’t alert you to laughably bad security at the Department of Watershed Management’s warehouses, the city auditor has conveniently documented the failures for you in a scathing new report.

More than 10,500 water meters purchased by the city are “unaccounted for,” according to the report prepared by City Auditor Leslie Ward. And, the audit continues, DWM’s inventory control systems are so terrible, it’s impossible to say what else might be missing.

… each facility has a separate, decentralized inventory management system – and all them were bad, the auditor says. Warehouses are still using paper forms and manual data entry, and a review of the forms found most of them were incomplete and some illegible. In October 2013, 42 percent of the equipment, and 16 percent of the water meters, released by warehouses were not linked to any work order.

…Amid this record-keeping mess, auditors found at least 10,588 meters purchased between 2006 and 2013 unaccounted for in department inventories, even though they appeared on vendor and billing records.

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