The Synercon Group specializes in the provision of tools and services for best practice information governance.

To manage your information well is to manage your business well.

Managing information (including records) is an integral part of doing business. Documents and records are used in every business process, to inform decision making; to support research and analysis; they initiate and support business processes; they communicate information (how, what,  when, who and why) and they are used to form new documents.

Our Vision is to simplify the complexity of information governance.

To many people, managing records and information is a dark art that can only be addressed with expensive and complicated systems. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our approach is to strengthen the foundations for information management. We work with metadata, taxonomies, controlled language, appraisal tools and data maps to build more effective systems.



Our flagship product a.k.a.® information governance software is used by over 400 organisations worldwide.

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