In light of recent data breaches, including a December 2010 incident which affected 2.2 million Honda customers, IT managers need to limit what data is actually shared with cloud service providers…There are many benefits of the cloud, but “all that goes out the window when there is a data breach,” Ben Goodman, principal strategist for identity, security, and compliance at Novell, told eWEEK. When the cloud provider gets breached, the company that hired the provider is help responsible, he said. Companies “outsource the job, not the responsibility,” Goodman added.

That was the case when an e-mail marketing firm that Honda partnered with had a data breach in late December. Criminals stole a database containing names, login names to a Honda portal, e-mail addresses, and 17-character Vehicle Identification Numbers for 2.2 million Honda customers, according to a Dec. 28 report in Columbus Dispatch. A separate list of 2.7 million Acura customer e-mail addresses was also stolen from the same marketing firm, but that list did not have any other customer data., January 24, 2011

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