Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

George Santayana

For nearly 20 years this site by the Synercon Group, has been dedicated to keeping alive the memory of significant recordkeeping / information governance events

In the 000’s of situations captured in this archive, inadequate systems and poor practices contributed to dire outcomes. In many situations individuals or organizations were exposed to significant personal or business risk. Several of these incidents resulted in loss of life.

Data Protection Commission seeks answers on destruction of mother and baby homes recordings

The Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) has written to the Mother and Baby Homes Commission over the destruction of recordings of witness testimony. ... A total of 550 people provided personal accounts to the confidential committee as part of a five-year investigation...

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NSW premier’s office broke state record-keeping laws in ‘reckless’ destruction of documents

The NSW premier’s office broke state record-keeping laws by shredding documents related to a pork-barrelling scheme, a watchdog has found. ... An adviser to the premier in October told a parliamentary committee she shredded “working advice notes” showing Berejiklian...

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