How Huckabee destroyed hard drives in data purge just before his 2008 presidential bid.

In an controversy re-ignited today by Mother Jones magazine, it has been revealed that the computer hard drives containing records from Huckabee’s tenure as Arkansas governor were erased and physically destroyed by his administration.

…But with his place as a favourite to run against Obama in 2012, certain questions are again being asked: why would a politician that has championed governmental transparency wipe out his personal records? What happened to the back-up data? And why would the physical machines be destroyed? 

UK Daily Mail Online, April 4 2011

Democrats Target Steelman Over Missing Records

Democrats are attacking Missouri GOP Senate hopeful Sarah Steelman after news surfaced Thursday that four years’ worth of key records from her tenure as state treasurer are missing.

Most of the documents — sent emails, schedules and travel information, among other content — are required by state law to be preserved in the state archive.

 Roll call, March 31, 2011

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